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Market Research and investigation of director Liu Bingji's air wedding and wedding

Cross border integration research and construction of air wedding ecologyIn May 1930, in order to oppose dogmatism in the Red Army at that time, Mao Zedong wrote a special article "against essentialism" and put forward the famous conclusion that "there is no investigation, no right to speak". "No investigation, no right to speak" is one of the 80 slogans in the history of the Communist Party of China.


Flying taxis are heating up, and the unexpected air world is quietly changing.

What's the next hot spot in global transportation? The answer is a flying taxi.The three major functions of air traffic that deserve attention in the global air world are big data, flying taxi and family marriage.Since 2020, the global investment reports on "air taxi", "flying", "air taxi" and "air bus" have come to the fore, with a large amount of news and information.Many institutions, such as leading enterprises and innovative enterprises of artificial intelligence in the world, aviation industry giants using artificial intelligence for technology upgrading, and investment institutions deeply engaged in artificial intelligence industry, are based on the requirements of multiple standards, such as research strength, technology and products, market and industry potential, operation ability, capital and financial status, innovation and practicality, strategic synergy, etc Research, development and manufacture of air vehicles.More and more technology companies, aircraft manufacturers, a


Create a bright future of "air wedding, serving the whole country, mutual benefit and sharing"

Liu Bingji, director of the Chinese Marriage Culture Professional Committee and Dean of Beijing Bingji Marriage Education and Technology Research Institute, and the person in charge of the "Air Wedding" project team visited the "2020 China International Trade in Services Fair" on September 7, 2020.


Opportunity: the confluence of marriage and navigation

With the stimulation and implementation of low altitude flight policies issued by China, general aviation is increasingly becoming an emerging industry supported and developed by local governments, and the number of general aircraft, general airport and aviation industrial park is growing gradually. However, the overall consumption market of general aviation does not seem to be fully hot, and the utilization rate of some air vehicles and air infrastructure is low.


The wedding resources in the air are easy to get

One city, one battalion (air wedding business operator) We will implement the national matrix organizational structure to expand business and the national unified strategic plan. Give full play to the advantages of China marriage custom culture professional committee, make use of the existing industry channels of Beijing Bingji wedding education and Technology Research Institute and China wedding magazine, and rapidly expand.1. 30 provincial wedding industry associations and chambers of Commerce signed; [34 provincial administrative regions]2. 200 prefecture level wedding industry associations and chambers of Commerce signed [334 prefecture level administrative regions]3. 300 five-star wedding hotels in signed provinces and cities[368 cities in China; 34 provincial administrative regions; 23 provincial capitals + 5 autonomous regions + 4 municipalities directly under the central government + 2 special administrative regions, 334 prefecture level cities (285 prefecture level cities, 15


Cross border integration of wedding and navigation

Historical necessity industry needs social problems and people's livelihood Cross border integration of wedding and navigation This project effectively solves the pain points of wedding and navigation industries Cross market cooperation and cross business essential characteristics highly fit Wedding industry and general aviation industry have unique wedding resources, cross-border integration and huge development potential. Walking apart is like walking across a mountain, not daring to take profits Benefit from time, place and cross-border integration


Brief introduction of air wedding project

Marriage is a major event in life. New people and their families attach great importance to it, forming a huge wedding industry in China. ——Air wedding, open a new chapter of aircraft wedding reception. Welcome vehicles Conversion of new and old kinetic energy


Necessity of air wedding project construction

Promoting the development of military civilian integration is a great strategy to benefit the country, the army and the people. Promoting the development of military civilian integration is a great strategy to benefit the country, the army and the people. Both the military and the local should stand at the height of the overall development of the party and the national cause to understand the air wedding. In the first half of 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs married 4.98 million couples; the Civil Aviation Administration issued the 2018 civil aviation industry development statistics bulletin. In terms of fleet size, by the end of 2018, the total number of general aviation registered aircraft was only 2495, including 692 for teaching and training. The marriage number is 2712 times larger than the fleet size. Half a year's average calculation: there will be 27213 couples getting married every day, and the total number of China's aviation fleet is less than the zero of the number of co


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